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About Dr. D

Dr. Denton recognizes the eyes as, not only the window to your soul, but the window to a person’s overall health!


While she treats ocular diseases, ocular traumas, and primary eye care, her passion is treating Dry Eye Syndrome! She's an “end-of-the-line” specialist, meaning she manages care for individuals who've tried seemingly everything and are still suffering from dry eye symptoms.


Utilizing a unique method she calls “interventional dry eye treatment”, she analyzes medical history, current routine, and the condition of your eyes before prescribing. Her revolutionary approach truly intervenes to deliver tangible results to patients.

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About My


As described above I've built an optometry practice around my passion, a unique approach to dry eye syndrome treatment. I also use unique methods in the development of my medical practice, and more importantly, my brand.

Implementing out of the box thinking has resulted in relief for my patients! So I was excited to learn that applying these diverse and dynamic techniques across all aspects of my business has also resulted in success. 

I enjoy sharing my knowledge, discoveries, breakthroughs, systems and processes, in fact I enjoy it so much I started my own youtube channel! I am so thrilled to have accumulated so much useful information that I am passing it on to you!


Podcast & Broadcast Guest

Looking for an engaging and dynamic podcast guest that your listeners will both relate to and be inspired by? I've built an Optometry practice, dry eye practice, esthetics business and educational youtube channel from scratch. I love chit chatting about my passions, including dry eye and esthetics as well as business building and practice management.


Speaker & Influencer

I’ve been passionate about educating my patients, my colleagues, and the public in general since 2010. I’ve presented at regional, state, and national meetings as well as fulfilled consulting and advisory boards with pharmaceutical and contact lens companies within the industry. I host a weekly YouTube program for patients. If you’re interested in having me as a podcast guest or speaking for your organization please visit my speaking page to learn more.


Coaching & Consulting

Whether your dream practice is just a faraway thought or already started, I can help you take it to the next level by optimizing your systems or planning to add a Specialty Dry Eye Spa. I got an MBA before opening my practice so you don’t have to. Prioritizing the creation of simple systems has proven to be immensely successful in my practice. Over time, my team has been able to provide a consistent care experience to all our patients during the implementation of systems. I assist in creating systems from scratch, find inefficiencies in the current approach, or adding in a new specialty center like Dry Eye without compromising your schedule or your sanity!

Sponsored Content

My Youtube channel, Eye School with Dr. D, has 25+K subscribers and achieved 1.4 million views in 2021! With 263.8K views and 176K unique viewers so far in 2022, my channel is experiencing tremendous growth! We're investing in smart SEO, driving engagement with follow up funnels , generating expressive and diverse content and following up regularly with followers via comments and social media, we also embed all youtube videos as blogs, to further feed both the Google and Youtube alogorithms!

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Dry Eye & Eye Safe Beauty

Dr. Denton is passionate about offering you excellent care and outstanding products as well as educational videos that include helpful recommendations and reviews, everything you need to care for your eyes! Get on the list for all the exclusives, we don't want you to miss out!

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