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Dr. Melanie Denton Dombrowski

Consulting & Coaching

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Five years ago, I was scared to death to start my own practice from scratch. I had been working in private practice for 5 years, but it just never worked out to buy. The timing was off, or the price felt too high. I even went to graduate school to get an MBA so I could better understand practice valuations, negotiations, and organizational management. (Yes, I know this was extreme and unnecessary!) Finally, after a year of planning, I opened my doors on January 4th, 2016.


I had zero patients and zero revenue. The first month, I broke even. The first year exceeded all expectations, and by year 3 I was grossing more than the average OD practice and netting more than I’d ever dreamed possible. Starting from scratch allowed me to FINALLY make progress on my student loans (and pay them off!!), achieve personal financial goals for retirement, and most importantly: build the medically-based boutique practice of my dreams!

In the past two years, I’ve written articles and blogs about my experience starting a practice. The same questions are constantly in my DM’s – I hear you, you WANT to start but you’re afraid. You see an opportunity in your town, but will the patients come? I’m here to encourage, coach, mentor and help you realize it’s possible AND it’s awesome. My only regret about opening my practice is that I didn’t do it sooner!

How I Got Started

Starting a practice from scratch is a project, but it’s totally do-able and at the end of the day, really awesome! Check out my starting from scratch guide to get started on creating YOUR dream practice!

The good news is, the same principles apply to starting a specialty within your existing practice. When I started my specialty Dry Eye practice in 2020, we were able to increase Dry Eye revenue 4x within just one month of implementing our Dry Eye system! I can help you do the same, tailored to your practice and staffing abilities.


Why Coaching & Consulting?

Starting my practice and watching it grow and thrive has been the greatest career accomplishment of my life. I am so fulfilled with my work and have always wanted to find a way to help others achieve their goals. When I first considered starting cold, I was told many times that it was impossible or too difficult. Looking back, that was absolutely not the case and now I love helping others achieve their dreams just like I did.. I’ve also benefited greatly from business coaching and believe in the results it can bring. 


Consulting & Coaching


Start & Successfully Grow Your Optometry Practice

Dr Denton started her practice cold in 2016, and grew to a revenue of $600,000 within 3 years. She is experienced at building systems that lead to consistent management of teams and their efficiency while maintaining a high level of patient care. Her practice has been locally named “best of” for 5 years straight, every single year she has been open!


Build a Dry Eye Specialty Center

In 2020, Dr Denton elevated her Dry Eye specialty practice to include the most advanced diagnostics and treatments available, quadrupling dry eye revenue in the first month of implementation alone. Find out how to implement a Dry Eye specialty center, systematizing diagnostic testing to educate patients and drive compliance and advanced treatment buy-in, and therefore patient success.

Practice Management Topics

Once you’ve opened your dream practice, the day-to-day management becomes the focus. I can help Optometrists calculate ROI on potential investments in their practices, handle staffing and HR issues, and optimize every aspect of their practice. Optical, medical assistant efficiency and education, and medical billing and coding are some of my passions in my practice.

Vision Exam

Best Practices in Contact Lenses

Dr Denton has been a consultant with Alcon and Bausch and Lomb, and is an expert in converting two-week wearers to dailies and supporting her team to capture annual contact lens sales efficiently, a practice that is truly best for both practice and patient. She is also highly proficient in multifocal fitting, and has grown her practice substantially via happy multifocal wearers!

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